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C-Max manual

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I emailed Haynes and was told there are no plans at present to make a C-Max manual...

I purchased a C-Max 1.6 & 2.0 Diesel manual from Revue Technique in
the Auchan supermarket in Calais, but it is all in french. :) Quite
handy with plenty of take apart stuff. At present though I do not have
a working scanner (sorry).

However - if you go to the Ford Etis website and dig around you can
find an area where you can access the official workshop manual, in
sections, at a reasonable cost per section, or a one of price for the
entire manual.

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Here is the URL for the Ford workshop manuals. Note you have to
register first with name and password and the name/password have to be
both words and numbers (ie fred17)


Once you get there the manual only costs 15euro for (eg) the mechanical section.

Once registered (free) you can also look up the specific details of
your vehicle, like where/when it was made. You need the VIN which
is a 17 character number. There is a tiny note that only certain
characters are used like 0 not O.

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btw - there are also two sources of Ford Focus C-Max workshop manuals
currently on sale in EBay. These are (allegedly) complete DVD copies,
presumably pirated from the Ford Workshop Manual DVD..

One source is £4.99 inc post (buy it now price) the other is £2.50 with £1.50 postage. (also buy it now price)

I'm almost tempted...

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I've seen these as well but do note that some say upto 2003 and the others say 2005.
anyone know how to identify where a 54 plate vehicle comes?
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