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C-Max Footwell & Fog lights

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I have recently taken delivery of a new C-Max "Style" and I'm very pleased with it.

I decided to add fog lamps so ordered a new switch, 2 foglights and 2 bezels from the Ford Parts counter at my local garage. I managed to do the job having to use a screwdriver only once right at the end. The panel to the side of the switch pulls off and I managed to get my fingers in to release the clips holding the switch and then swapped it for the new one that pulls out two clicks (one click for Front fogs and the other for rear fogs).

At the front, the plastic covers come off. Reach up inside and find the plug for the new lights all taped up to the headlight(?) wires. This then plugs straight in to the new lamp. One screw secures the new fog lamp. The bezel needs spraying car colour and then just clips in. Job done. The relay and panel light are all ready in place!

Finally, I found two vacant bulb holders in the footwell. I added two 5w bulbs and I've now got dimming footwell lights.

Next job is reversing aids but in all honesty I need the front parking sensors first!


PS Does anyone need a light switch with only one click for rear fogs?
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Hi you beat me to it about the front footwell lights ,my last 4 cars have been new fords and not one has had the bulbs fitted.so i have removed the bulbs each time and put them in the new one.I dont think many people know they are there.
Are the footwell light bulb holders there in whatever level of trim and just where are they so i can check pleae?
up under dashabove where your feet are .they are small and will most likly be there on all levels
Thanks for that
Found them and they are working for a 54 LX spec

Whilst checking the wiring diagrams for this I see that the top interior lights can both have map reading light alternatives. Does either spec of light fit in the same size cut out in the head lining?
Anyone got any pics or diagrams? I am slightly disabled & unable to bend & turn.Mine is a 2004 53 Zetec
if you are able to get to your knees put your hand up under the dash nearer to the center and you will feel a small plastic hole(no bigger than 10mm ) . the bulb is called, 501 just ask at halfords only 20-30 pence.they just push in
Nope,tried kneeling,but too painful.Sat on sill but could not feel anything,looks like I don`t have em.Thanks for info though.
If you'd care to PM me an a email I'll try sending the photo's I've just taken
Hi. Been poking around my footwells and found bulb holders under the trim. They are on the outer edges, O/S above the accelerator and N/S the same i.e. nearest the doors. Look forward to trying some bulbs in them.

How does one block the EGR valve off?? ( sorry, off topic. Ignore!!!)
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Hi All

Just joined up and have a 57 plate C-Max 'Style' 1.6 TDCi, new model, that i'm pleased with so far. Have been looking for the footwell light sockets, but unable to find them. There is a circular hole, with a location cut-out just under the dash in the footwell that looks like it may take a bulb holder socket, but it's empty. Are these the holes I should look for? Any help v.much appreciated!
If you'd like to PM me I'll send you the photo's showing the location but it sounds as though you are in the right place
Thanks for photo's Rich. As I suspected, the holes I found are the right ones but the bulb holders aren't in them - damm! I will attempt to see if they are tucked behind the trim in the wiring loom somewhere and simply not fitted into the holes during assembly.

They may not be bulb holders in the sense you expect.
The bulbs are the capless wedge shaped ones that just push in. You may not be able to feel the electrical connection
If I remember correctly there are other needs for the same type 5W bulbs so they wouldn't be wasted
Taken a capless bulb from vanity morror light and put into footwell bulb holder, it works but what's the point?? Shows the dirty mats!! Will still go and get two more bulbs, colour them red, and put them in. Any other hiddenmysteries in the thing? Stupid dog-bot...........
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You can buy these already coloured ,try halfords.
Mine is a 57 Zetec and I found the holders and fitted lamps.
If you look down into the footwell there is a trim piece which slots into the centre console on one side and pushes into two friction clips on the side nearest the door. If you give it a sharp tug it will come off and expose the wiring into the holders. The holders bayonet fix into the steel backing. They are very easy to twist out, fit the lamps and refit. The trim piece pushes back on, make sure the metal clips haven't pulled off of the trim piece.

Thanks for the information telling of the presence of these fittings! I too can now see my dirty mats!
I have blue bulbs in and they relly add to the ambiance of the car.I put one in the boot socket as well and it really does brighten it up,much better than the standard `white ` bulb
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Playing catch up here after my monitor died (No computer for two days
I have white LED bulbs fittedin the footwell, the interior, reading and boot lights. So much better and a clear white light given.
All of these are direct replacements on a like for like basis and obtained from both Ultraleds.co.uk and ebay.
Next set to be replaced are the lights under the wing mirrors which are handy when it's very dark outside.
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