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C-Max Door Mirrors

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Just washed my C-Max and found that the offside door mirror is loose at the point where it hinges to fold forward. Can anybody advise how the mirror is fixed to the door and whether it can be repaired/tightened up. I have not got a clue how to dismantle without damaging it. Would appreciate any assistance/advice.
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I don't say it's like the Focus itself but with that if you removed the trim panel on the inside of the door where the mirror was then it was held on with one or peraps three 10mm headed bolts that just undid. You may well need a longish and thin socket to be able to get at the bolt head due to it being behind the metalwork of the interior of the door.

I'll check the TIS disc as well to confirm

If you'd like to PM me an external email i'll send on the info from the TIS service disc that ought to be relevent for the miirors whater the age of you Max
Thanks to Richard G providing me TIS detail on Door Mirror. Found it straight forward to remove the mirror from the door, however, when it came to dismantling the mirror so I could tighten the pivoting action I got stuck. It would seem it is not a serviced item it would not come apart.

Has anybody got some bright ideas.

The mirror is back on the door but with a thin piece bit of rubber sheet to take up the slack - at least it is no longer loose.
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