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C-Max 1.8 Ghia petrol

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Hello everybody, I've been looking to purchase an 04 C-Max 1.8 petrol in Ghia spec, is there anything that I should look for, not had a test drive yet, hopefully in the next day or two.

I am currently driving a Hyundai Coupe V6 Auto, and want something with similar equipment, it seems I will have to forgoe climate control and leather, but gain auto wipers and much improved economy
I don't do enough mileage to justify a TDCi
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Just had a test drive, and now put a deposit on it

Only done 29000, not a mark on it..I'm picking it up on Monday.

Pic from dealer site
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i obught a silver 1.8 ghia in january. so far been good but make sure you check the brake pads. I just had to replace my back ones as they were worn doen to the metal last week. I got them on internet for £23 and fitted myself so was a bit miffed about them needing changing so quick. Also look for creaky door panels as mine were very creaky. sorted with some glue & a bit of sponge so car is nice & quiet now.
hope you enjoy yours
Its a fantastic car....how many miles had your car done on that set of pads?

Must admit now really noticed creaking panels, then again the radio is rather good!!! The only thing I plan to change is to fit a Sony 6cd headunit instead of the Ford 6000cd. Would be even better then
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its got 21500 on it so if they are the original ones thats not too bad. I think I will check the front ones at the weekend. Rest of the car is fine but the panels drove me mad after a bit so I had to sort them out. What MPG do you get?

That doessnt seem a lot of miles for the rear brakes.
Is it the electic handbrake model.
I believe the early ones dragged a bit more than they should have done prematurely wearing the pads and a software update was needed.

My 04 zetec diesel has 58000 on the clock and still on the original rear pads with a bit more left on them


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I've only had the car since Monday night so not sure about MPG....computer says average 30....which isn't that great, but my prev car a real drinker.

When my coupe was empty of fuel and put £20 in (at 104.9p per litre) the computer said it was 115 miles to empty, put £20 in the C-Max at empty it said 260 to empty...Thats quite a difference!!
Nice looking cmax!

I'm getting about 30mpg on average out of mine. Not brill but it is a big heavy car.

I got rear ended by a Merc Sprinter LWB (city link) a few months ago and the Merc came off much worse than my Max. I was well impressed with the performance of it when hit whilst stationary at about 40mph.

New bumper - newboot door and fittings, new boot floor and that was about it. No chasis twist and no injury to me other than whiplash.

Now - can anyone tell me if their steering wheel buttons (cruise control) light up at night?
My wheel controls don't light up.
Cheers - at least it's saved me a trip to the dealer.
Pity though - they do really need to be visible at night.
HI mine dont light up either

Mine is electric handbrake model so probably why rear pads have worn out quick
IM on 24200 miles and the pads look fine, im due a service within the next month.

I drive a ghia 2l tdci all singing all dancing and bar the tyre wear issue in another thread I love my cmax.

Trip computer at the mo shows 40.4mpg I do on average 100 motorway miles and 30 city miles a week.

Looking on stuff like what car, there are a few people who have said watch the electronic brake. My dealer chappy had a look at them and said it sounds like they are trying to release the brake when the car is not prepared i.e they aint got thier foot on the brake pedal (which allows for the release ofthe electronic brake). Then again how would I know, I don't pick my Ghia up till tomorrow.
Its simple really masterliver101 you cant release it simple as until you depress the brake pedal, you can flick it but until yer foot is in place no a sniff.

I thank you Ian for the comment. Got the car today and all went well. The garage we bought it from is 63 miles away so had a nice ride home too. Only stalled the car maybe 10 times too - clutch is way way higher than on my old Picasso and the accelerator way way way more sensitive.

Great Great Great car though.
As long as my clutch pedal is down, i can release the brake, don't need to touch the brake pedal. Or is that just my car...
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Erm :( I think I got mixed up....you cant take the brake off until its all systems go..which begs the question I know a traditional brake is under the box...but what if its fails mid drive?
Master I only stalled mine twice on a 30 mile drive home! :) once you get the habg of it though it is very smooth and responsive

Yep - got used to it now - it seems that the picasso that i was driving was well over it's tickover at idle so when starting off from a balanced clutch position it was already giving some juice - so harder to stall. The Cmax is the best car I have owned by a mile - way better than thetop of the range Picasso I had.
Drove with the radio off for the first time today, sounds like the brakes are catching at the back. Anything past 20 MPH and there is a whine from the back end. Back to the dealers I suppose. Trouble is the dealer is 60 miles away......lol..........
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