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build in denso gps

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hello all
I own a 2004 C-max 2.0tdci GHIA
my car came with the sony radio , i have a friend who had a nasty accident with his 2004 mondeo .
Now he wants to sell his denso navigation system to me for 600 euro (+-400£)
complete with all cables , antenna etc etc
and his 18" 7spoke for 650 euro (430£)

I think thats a good deal , but i have a question
all C-max wich have the DENSO build in have a larger dashboard display (between spedo and rpm gauges) i only have the small one .
will this infect the good working or are there other functions on this display that i need with the denso GPS .
otherwise i will have to replace that aswell
Will i still be able to use the standard cd changer ??

I am planning to have it all instaled at the local ford dealer who i know for many years and he says its a big big job but he wants to do it for me (bought 7 new fords in his dealership)

can somebody please help me out .

thanks in advance
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with the navigation unit for the mondeo the second part includes the slot for the 6 cd changer (as it goes in the boot)so may not fit in the glovebox where the navigation unit in the C-max goes ( the CD changer goes under the N/s front seat

I don't know about the instrument cluster but all the connectors on the body harness may well be in the wrong places to allow an easy conversion. As you're on good terms with the dealer I should have a good check alongside him with respect to the wiring looms

In respect of the wheels check the offset so as not to present problems at full lock with the insides of the tyres rubbing on the suspension
the larger display is, indeed, for navigation. it should display the same information as the navigation head-unit. actually, it will display less information, only what turn is next(left or right) and what is the distance until that turn. I think that the head-unit display should be enough and the NAV unit should work without the larger display. But if your ford dealer tells you to change the display, then you should listen to him.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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