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I have a 2005 C-Max 1.8 petrol, had it for about 9 months with only 10k on the clock, genuine as it was a Mobility car.

Some toerag has just snapped off the aerial, andI need to fit a new base too: anyone had to remove the headlining and how easy is it?

I reckon Haynes dont do a manual, is there anything like that out there?

Also on economy, I reckon it only does about 30 mpg: I dont drive it too hard. Any other members with similiar car, what do you get mpg? Its now done 25k, so ive done 15k in 9 months so it should be run in properly now!

Needs serviced, will do that but anything in particular to see to, to help fuel economy?

Any advice gladly listened to..........

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Hi & welcome,with roof lining, I`m sure if you unscrew the handles,& light console,you should be able to prise it loose,making a note of where any clips are.Yes your right,Haynes don`t do a manual.
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