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broken Aerial / remove headlining

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I have a 2005 C-Max 1.8 petrol, had it for about 9 months with only 10k on the clock, genuine as it was a Mobility car.

Some toerag has just snapped off the aerial, andI need to fit a new base too: anyone had to remove the headlining and how easy is it?

I reckon Haynes dont do a manual, is there anything like that out there?

Also on economy, I reckon it only does about 30 mpg: I dont drive it too hard. Any other members with similiar car, what do you get mpg? Its now done 25k, so ive done 15k in 9 months so it should be run in properly now!

Needs serviced, will do that but anything in particular to see to, to help fuel economy?

Any advice gladly listened to..........
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Hi & welcome,with roof lining, I`m sure if you unscrew the handles,& light console,you should be able to prise it loose,making a note of where any clips are.Yes your right,Haynes don`t do a manual.
I had a quick look at the TIS and oh boy!
You "may" be able to gain access to the ariel base by way of the front internal lights, other wise it will mean removal of headlining.
Hi Big al i`m sure when i was messing with led bulbs in the front interior light i saw the nut and washer from the bottom of the ariel.
I had my roof resprayed and they removed my ariel via mt interior light
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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