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Brakes, need help and input.

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Where shall i start?

Well the brakes do work, of a sort.

So there i am travelling in mi Cmax and when i come to use the brakes there's loadsa travel in the pedal before they bite, usually about 3/4's of the way down but they will stop the car although it is a bit unerveing.

But if i use the brakes and then release, then use themagain the bite is more at the top, where you would think it should be. (my mondeo is instant)


I've bled the brakes this morining and they are still the same as before.

One thought that i have had put to me is that there isn't much brake pad left on the rear so that would mean the caliperpistons are fully out and therefore there isn't anymore room for piston travel for more grip?

Thanks, Ken
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If the brake fluid reservoir is above the minimum level then the level of pad shouldn't make much of a difference but don't JUST TOP up with fluid or else it will overflow when you do change the pads- Mind if you've just bled them they should be full so be careful later

The other main possibility is that the brake servo has a vacuum leak so that you are not getting the assistance you would normally

It could also be that one (or more) caliper is sticking so that it doesn't get to grip the disc
Thanks for that Richard.

Well here's the update.

I took the C max to Ford today and after the foreman had a test drive he said that the servo and master cylinder seem to be ok and agreed with me that whensome new rear pads and a good bleed had been done things should be better.

But when exiting the car he had a look under the dash at where the pedals are situated.

And said 'you've got a pin missing'

The brake pedall is hanging from its bracket on one pin thena little further down the leg of the pedal is a hole that should have a pin init that mates up with plungerof the servo.

With the pin removedthe pedal travels about 10 to 15mm then hits the plunger andthen startsslow the vehicle down. but the plunger is 15mm short of its capable working capacity.
With the pin insitu the plunger works instantly.

It may not seem like much but bye eck i could tell a difference.

Can't wait to get mi rear pads done and see if there's a difference again.
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Blimey,you were lucky.Hope the new rears do the job.
The car's booked in for saturday morning for the brake pads to be done.
i'll let you know if its sorted or if there's any difference at all.
I put new front & rears on earlier this year & new front discs.Really made a difference.Mind you as I`d not had it long & I got it used I didn`t know when they were looked at last,so I just did em.The rear discs were fine,but I might change them before too long.
Well here's the update.

I had the rear pads done last saturday morning. The pads that came from the rear caliper had plenty of pad left on them but were as smooth as marble. The new pads being rough.

I've innitially not noticed any real difference although they have to bed in but the real diference was when i put the pin in, as i said earlier.

In the meantime i've introduced myself to two other Cmax owners in the street and had a go of their cars to compare brakes.

Withengine off.
with continual pumping of the brake the pedal, the pedal goes hard.

With engine running.
When initially pressing the brake the pedal is mildly hard with bite at the top then the pedal starts to slowly travel towards the floor.
Let the pedal lift. And the same will happen again.

All three cars are deisels andperform the same and all three cars sound the same. What i mean is you can hear the plunger going into the servo like usingbellows to start a fire.

It still didn't put my mind at rest.

Sorry for not keeping it short.

But hows yours?
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Hi zorst mines a diesel brakes are good on mine not as good as my old citroen but not bad I will be checking pins around the pedal assembly in the morning as it sounds like you had a near miss. Maybe a quick check by everybody.
I think my missing pinwas just a one off.

It'll be the kind of pin that doesn't fall out.

It could have been missing from day one or it was taken out for a reason and not put back.
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