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Brake Alert

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I just bought an 05 1.8 CMax Ghia with the push buttton handbrake. Something that I have noticed is that when I go over a bump (particularly after just starting off) there is an warning tone and the handbrake light lights for a split second.

Can antone tell me what the cause of this is and what the fix is please ?

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Is your handbrake leaver fully down to the bottom. It may be that the bump is just causing the lever to come patially into contact with the warning light switch. I'm not sure about the tone though
Yes the handbrake is just a button ... its eithe on or off
I have electronic hand brake too, and I don't have such problems (warning tones and lights blinking) when I pass a bump.

You should have your car checked.
Finally got my car to the Ford Garage today ... they had no idea why the warning light flashes but just told me that I needed new brake pads all round.

£195 later and I drive off only for the dam warning light tio flash on and beep !!

Cheers Lancashire Ford !!!!!

Any one else got any ideas ??
I have had loads of problems with my car (04 1.8 ghia)and the epbhas beinga nightmare for me. I used to get somethink very similar to your problemhappening to me. I would go over a bump and limited epb would flash on. I told my ford dealer thisand to get my problem sorted I have had to have all of the following.I have had new actuater , new censor , new module , 2 software updates , and wiring repaired in my cluster and elswere.
OH one other thing how long have you had the car ? As if you have purchesed it from a ford dealer for the first 3 months they should fixany problem that arises with the car FREE OF CHARGE
Thanks for the post mjshort79

I bought the car from Carcraft about 2 months ago. I did take out an NAC parts & labour Guarantee so hopefully this will cover anything that is not classed as 'wear & tear'


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I've asked around and it seems that the (!) light also indicates problems with the brake fluid. Check if you have enough of that.
Thanks Smiley,

The brake fluid has been checked by myself and also by Lancashire Ford prior to replacing front & back brake pads.


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No problem stevo67. I hope your problem is not as bad as mine was. I think my problems are due to my car being abused before I owned it as I have had loads of otherproblems with it.If you have only had the car for2 months and have a warrenty I see no reason why you should pay a penny. I had all my issues sorted out under a used car warrenty I purchesed when buying the car ,this not only covered the parts but it covered labour cost to meaning Idid not have to pay a penny. I hope you get it sorted out
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Changing the EPB module did fix the probelm


On the subject of handbrakes, the plastic button on the end brake lever (mechanical parking brake, not electronic) has broken leaving maybe 2/3 intact and a hole where the other 1/3 was. OK for now, but I am sure at some stage the rest of the button will disintegrate and I will then be left with the handbrake on and have to find some way to release it. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I assume that the button isn't available as a spare part and the whole handbrake lever will need to be replaced? All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks guys.
As a temporary measure
If the remaining part of the button is solid enough you may be able to put a thread onto the inside of it so that you could put a bolt with a lock nut into so that you could push the "button"
I very much doubt either alternative would pass the MOT though
Aftermarket handbrakes have buttons which just press over the top. I'd be tempted to replace it with the Richbrook one:

Many, many thanks for your suggestions. On checking further the button on the end is purely for cosmetic and comfort. There is an "X" shaped rod that runs the length of the handbrake handle. Without the button you are pushing directly on the end of the rod. Guess the fact the handbrake handles are available with chrome effect, black or grey buttons should have been a clue. Since the handbrake remains fully functional there is now no panic to replace the button. I'll try repairing it with aluminium tape until I get round to replacing it. Cheers and happy motoring.
Further update - the handbrake handle release button is available from Ford as a spare part at a cost of just over £5. Part number 1447426. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
Wishing you happy motoring.
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