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Hello people. I thoughtI should pull my finger out and finally make myself known. I have been visiting this site sinceI bought my first'05 C-max 1.8 ghia petrol in june. It was a bit of an impulse buy asI did have my eye out for a black scenic with sunroof, but could'nt find one ! Then the wife spotted the cmax from afar, so we had a look at it, got in etc and decided there and then this was the one! tradedour 05 fiesta for it and picked it up a week or so later.

A few common problems have arisen, firstly the compressor went which was replaced, twice, and the more even more common rear wiper failure. Then a few weeks ago had the epb failure, engine mamagement failure , power steering failure warnings. On my way to the garage to get it looked at and the car died on me. no lights, no engine no steering nothing.
turned out it was the altenator which had given up. all seems to be fine now ( touch wood! )
Overall really pleased with the car as a whole. perfect for my 15 month old and all his stuff and althoughI dont have a panoramic sunroofI wanted with the scenic,I do love the cruise control, auto lights and wipers. a good compromise really.
A few questions to do with modifiying but will post them in the relivent area.
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