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There are a number of threads on the Boot opening issue with the C-max. For info and taken from a previous thread my experience is shown below. It is quite easy to replace/repair - I am no mechanic and I managed it. The only problem is getting the boot panel away from the clips.

I had a similar problem whereby the boot would open just as I drove away. There is a common fault with the micro-switch that lets water in. I changed this on my CMax and the problem is cured. Not sure why this would suddenly appear after you changed the air-filter though.

New switch is £20-30 (ouch)! But, it is quite easy to change. The other option is to take the old one out, dry it with a hair dryer and replace it with some sealant to stop further ingress. Note, to get the boot panel off you have to be a little firm to get the clips holding the panel on apart (remove the 2 screws first!).
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