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boot keeps releasing!!

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Hi all - I'm a new member - I have a july 04 2.0 tdci C-Max. Over the past few months the boot has occasionally auto-released itself. Recently this has become far more frequent and sometimes releases continually, then stops releasing for a few journeys, only to start again, it's driving me mad. Anyone had similar problems, or has any idea of a cure? Any advice much appreciated. Cheers.
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Does the spate of auto release come after a period of heavy rain?

I was just wondering if water was getting it and causing a spurious earth fault
Hi- No it happens at anytime, but I agree it could be moisture - thanks.
Is "release" actually open or is it just unlock?

I was wondering if the remote fob is either damaged or the boot unlock button partially sticking and then unlocking at some unexpected moment

As far as i know the boot unlocks whenever the door unlock buttons are pressed (as per design). There are rumours that it is possible to programme the remote key so as not to auto unlock the tailgate but I haven't yet found it. If anyone knows how please let us all know
see topic "remote key options" for key programming
Unless you've found something more than I did the alternatives for the remote key both unlock (as in allow the external handle to function) the tailgate as opposed to the tailgate button which actually opens it.
I havethe same problem, just wondered how you 'fixed it'
The man at the garage says it could be water / moisture getting in?
he also said to take the mechanism apart - how do you do that, there does not appear to be a way in?

I also have the same problem but have arranged for a local electrical engineer to fit a new sensor switch to the tailgate the only way in is to dismantle the boot from inside, although not a big job.
I have a similar problem with my 1.6 tdci though it only unlocks itself as you turn the ignition key. I have only had the car a month or so and it has only just started. I bought the car privately so have no warranty to fall back on. Hopefully it will be a quick cheap fix. I would really appreciate any advice from fellow owners.
It's normally caused by water ingress into the boot. Some owners have managed to fix it by taking the boot switch apart, drying it out and sealing it up so water can't get into it. The source of the water can be via the roof-rack mountings, for example if an owner has fitted a roof-rack previously, then removed it but not sealed up the holes.
hi, everyone
I've got exacty the same problem the boot actually opens,
very dangerous,
Has anyone successfully solved their boot opening problem?

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I actually had to get a new boot release switch fitted by my local elctronic engineer. The problem was due to the switch getting soaking wet because the seal between the surrounding plastic cover was not very good.
They then sealed he gap with appropriate clear sealant afterwards and its been good ever since.
Cost about £70.00 all in.
Hope this helps

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That'll be the problem. You can fix it yourself and it is not too difficult. The new switch (note a redesign and the Ford garage will probably know the problem - common fault?!) is £20-30. To fix you need to remove the boot inside panel - 2 screws plus a number of hidden clips - be strong here they are beasts to get apart. The boot switch comes out easily and when you put the new in put some sealant around it. Alternatively you can try drying the old switch with a hair dryer and replacing.
Hi I have the same problem on my 54 C Max. The boot keeps unlocking at random times. I have it booked in to the dealer i brought it off, still under warranty so will post what they do to fix this later in the week.
Hi all,

I've got this issue also, but there's more. I am also getting the bonnet open warning despite the bonnet being decidedly closed, and the alarm freaks out - mostly at night time.

I've commented on this in more detail here;


The alarm going off at night would suggest it's a moisture related issue for the boot, but the bonnet warning goes off ALL the time.

Any thoughts?

Cheers guys.
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hi i have the same problem with my tailgate keep coming unlockedcan solve this problem -jumping in the drivers seat and locking all doors - if yer quick b-f it unlocks again-went to the dealer said it could be the multi switch under carpet £70 when i mentioned on the net about the micro switch £70 dealer prices - Now going outside with the wife's hairdryer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"it could be the multi switch under carpet £70"
Sorry what?
Gepard said:
"it could be the multi switch under carpet £70"

Sorry what?
and again - What????

The boot switch is at worst around £30 or for some models around £17 from Fraud spares and requires abour 1¾ hours to change yourself if so inclined
If you look back in January we all seemed to be changing this just then
Fortunately i didn't have to change mine, just removed it cleaned and dried it then filled it with silicone type sealant around the area where the wires are soldered to prevent further ingress. Pita when it first started doing it though but i too did the central locking trick for a while.
I had same problem with which easily fixed with an hour of messing around, some sealent, spanners, and electrical bullets!

Myself and a mate had to strip out the the tailgate gubbings, pain if you have big hands I warn, you will the find my Ford has some what cut corners on the boot switch sealing and wires! The wires are flimsy and poorly placed, if like mine half cut and rusted! The boot release switch its self has the smallest amount of sealent around it and again if like mine leaked like a sieve and allowed water to pour in and freeze nicely during winter! cut and use ya bullets to repair the wiring and seal nicely in some shrink wrap, take out boot switch and dry out. Apply some sealent around it and replace rubber surround. Replace all and bobs ya uncle aunts ya fanny. Ive had many friends with same issue. All of ours were the 04 to 07 model, mine being an 06.

Since doing this I havent had a singal recurrence of the annoy openning boot while doing 60 to 70 on the motor way.
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