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another newbie

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hi everyone jut signed up so i can get some advise off you lot and hopefully return some,
i have 54 reg in panther black with some 18" tsw reflex rims on, put a dvd player in the front which allows me to hook up my ipod plus fitted reverse cam in the towing eye cover.
seen some c=maxs that have been lowered and look quite smart, has anyone got any suggestions on which ones to go for?????
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can you post a picture just interested in what it looks like
Hi Dangerousdave, i want to put 18''s on mine, were there any issues fitting these as on the ford website the 18'' stock rims have an asterix and it says ''extra fitting kit required''??
Thanks in advance
I think the extra fitting kit is regarding lock limiters on the fronts so you don't rub the inside efges of the tyres on the suspension
id love to post you a picture but can someone tell me how the hell you do it, i went to post reply, went onto the little tree picture thing clicked onto that but didnt know what to do from there.. so can anyone give me some step by step instrutions..

oh and by the way they fit straight on with no fitting kit, tyre size 225x40x18 which are the same sizein hight as the standardwheels so speedo is still correct.
I believe you have to usea photo sore online something like "photobucket" and then use the second icon above "insert hyperlink"
I've just had a look at "the little tree picture thing"

to insert a picture you have to have it stored on the web and then insert the URL for it in the top box
Yea sorry - for the moment please use someone like photo bucket http://photobucket.com/then post the url of the photo into the tree box above.

I'm trying to get the facility sorted so that you can upload them directly to the forum software as there does appear to be an uploads area. Once this is working I'll let you know.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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