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Amazing what you find out in error!

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Now this may be in the manual but A) Can't remember seeing it and B) I'm a man

Took my boy to school this morning and on opening up the car with the blipper, all the windows opened

This took me by surprise and thought oh no what is going wrong. But then thought back to how it happened and then a big smile cropped up on my face like a little boy

Press and hold the open button on the blipperfor about two seconds and all the windows open. Like wise press the close button for two seconds and the windows close... handy during this weather.
Yep a new toy to play with for the next few days
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i found this out on my car by mistake also but now i have some great fun with it this is great when a fat cat is lying on your bonnet asleep like what happens were i live open the windows using the key fob and my god do they get off quick its also great when you neighbour keeps hitting your car with there door like one of mine does open the windows when they stand really close to your car scares the
out of them it is also great when you leave window open in a car park i do it when taking kids to mcdonalds people always look in the windows i sit at the window and when they do shut it on them then when they walk off open them again i swear some people look at the car like it is doing it all by itself iall this may sound sad and i do have a life i just find stupid things to do when i am bored
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sorry about grammar still asleep
You have to have more of the goodies "specced" thatn I do to get the windows to do this
no i only have a normal 1.8 ghia i just keep my finger on the button to open and the windows go down and i keep my finger on the button when locking and the windows go up same as you say you can its just i get really bored when out and find the most stupid things to do it is a bit sad really as i am 28
Yep similar to me I found out by accident that my drivers door lock doesnt open or lock the doors. I then read the thread about asda and the remote not working so have spent today stripping the door to find out and fix the problem. But how many of us just rely on the remote key fob, has anybody checked that all there doors really lock when the remote is used or the lock on the door actually works.
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mjshort79 said:
...its just i get really bored when out and find the most stupid things to do it is a bit sad really as i am 28
Nope seems fine to me and I'm 35

Had to have a go at winding people up, works everytime
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i posted the one about "my key fob and asda " my key will just not work at times and it honestly does happen at asda enywere else it is fine i have a ka at the minute as my car is having a newair con rad and pump fitted and the key would not work on that either when at asda on friday ihad to keep pressing it i should really check the doors are locked as your correct i just assume they are mad really as i had my ford focu nicked from outside my brother in laws house a year ago will have to start checking they are locked
oh and lawe your far from old but i feel much better now i know there are people a little bit older than myself who also still have fun at the more simpler pranks
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