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Air Con Compressor

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Does anybody know where the low pressure switch is on the Air con circuit? I have removed my compressor and there is no refrigerant left. The compressor turns fine but the clutch will not engage. I have read that if you short this switch out for a couple of seconds it will complete the circuit and the clutch will engage?
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wow you have done all that on your c max by yourself brave man. if i remove a screw on mine it falls apart
It should be on the bulkhead next to the brake servo.The high pressure switch isunder the right-hand front wing.Hope this helps.
I have recently had air con problem and this may help.
When you turn the air con on a series of checks are carried out.
Firstly is the heater fan on
Secondly is there sufficient pressure in the system. (done to prevent you running the pump without gas which lubricates)
Thirdly is the radiator fan working.

If the answer to any of these questions is no then the clutch on the air con pump does not engage.

I thought the air con pump had gone as the clutch was not engaging however shorting the two larger terminals on the relay out activated the air con clutch.

Eventually I had a friend do a diagnostic check and it brought up ' fan functionality check failure'. Until then i didn't realise that the cooling fan was part of the air con system. I found that the fan was not working as an engine cooling fan also.

A new fan is about £165 and I then think you have to add vat onto that.

When I looked at taking the cooling fan out prior to visiting scrap yards I came across a large multi pin plug that joined the cooling fan to the wiring loom. There are two heavy duty wires going to this plug and a very thin one about the size of bell wire. This thin wire had corroded through and broken. Soldered a new bit of wire in it and the fan now works both on the air con and the engine cooling.

That turned out a cheap repair for once

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Been having problems with my wife's aircon for days now and came across Geoffs post and thought I would give that a try, everything was Identical as Geoffs post right down to the fanfunctionality check failure on my mates computer, well I would just like to say a very big thank you as it worked a treat, Jennings wanted to charge me a fortune for a condenser but I had already had the system checked and there were no leaks so the guy filled it up, why dont these garages tell you the truth,2 cars on one forum with the same fault ,Jennings must have had this problem lots of times but they just want to stick it on the computer and charge you a fortune.
A bit of old wire in my shed and a bit solder and it was fixed.
The car is the 1.6 tdci 30k on the clock now and the only other thing I have had to do is the alternator but at 30k didnt think I would have to do it that soon, they have a silly clutch system in them that knacks up apparently.

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