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Air bolckage in fuel system

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Recently my car stalled at a junction and the Rac were called out who
tried but failed to get the car restarted. The car engine would crank
but not start. Eventually it was towed to a Ford Dealership whom
diagnosed low fuel pressure due to an air blockage in the fuel system.
They bled the fuel system and the car was restarted. They say it will
be too difficult to ascertain where/how the air is getting in to the
system. I have got the car back but the problem has not been recitified.

Opinions required on:

1-Can anyone exactly explain how to bleed the air out of the fuel system it this happens again.

2- Any suggestions on how/where the air is getting in to the fuel system and therefore what may need replacing
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hello jack and welcome. If you can tell us what engine it is some people on here may be able to help.
is the car under warrenty if it is i would take it back and request a courtesy car and tell them to find the problem and fix it that is what there job is and if they will not i would ring ford motor company and see if they can help you thats a joke if you have had the car back and they know full well the problem is still there i would not stand for that no way
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Hi Lazyb
My car is a 04 plate 2.0 TDCI C-max
I believe the car is out of warranty and for this reason they did not follow it up.
you seem to be between a rock and a hard place with this one
if you give it back and ask for fault to be found and for repairsto be done it will probably cost you a fortune because no warrenty if you leave it it may happen again and you obviously dont want that either i hope someone on here can help you the forum has helped me a great deal lets hope someone can help you to all the best and good luck with problem
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hi jack mines the same engine. From what i know they are usually self priming. ie you keep them chugging on the starter and eventually the diesel gets into the common rail then into the injectors and your away. I will have a look at the tis disk and see what i find. Although I wonder if low fuel pressure means a problem with a sensor on the common rail. I will be back after a quick look at the tis
When the problem occured did the glowplug light flash. If so this is an error signal so they could have read it from the diagnostic reader. Things to check have you had a new diesel filter if not it may be dirty. Did you have more than 4 litres of fuel in the tank? Inspect the fuel lines from the tank to the fuel pump, which is on the right hand end of the engine looking for damage ie crimps or squashed pipes or kinks. Also check around joints for wet patches signalling a leak. If the common rail fuel sensor is at fault then i think the injectors would not be given a signal to open so no starting.....but fuel sensor probs are not that common so i would look at filter and pipes to start with. hope this helps
there is also the check of putting clar pipe just upstream of the filter and checking for air bubbles there. If the engine will start that is
Seemingly the following suggests there are only 3 places air can get into the 2.0L diesel line. i.s The tank sender unit, The fuel pipe itself and the fuel filter

( an aside thought - It the fuel gauge reading correctly)

If once it is started you can check the clear fuel return line to see if fuel is flowing easily. This should establish if the fuel lines / filter are blocked or problems with the pump (if it's started then this shouldn't be the case)

Using a suitable piece of clear plastic pipe, manufacture and install a pipe between the fuel filter and the fuel tank to fuel filter supply line.

6Remove the lint-free material.

Make sure the engine is at normal operating temperature.

Start the engine, wait a few minutes and then observe the clear plastic pipe for signs of air ingress.
lAre any signs of air present in the clear plastic pipe?
INSTALL a new fuel level sensor For additional information, refer to «Section 310-01».[Fuel Pump Module(310-01 Fuel Tank and Lines,reminst-ri)] or fuel tank to fuel filter supply pipe as necessary.
INSTALL a new fuel filter.
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