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AA Warranty Vs Breakdown Repair Cover

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Hi guys,

I've been offered the AA Warranty with my new C-Max for £299 but the paperwork is pretty sketch on what it covers and excludes.

Upon researching I've seen that there's an AA Breakdown Repair Cover policy which does the same with a 500 quid limit on each claim and costs £67. A bit of a difference!

Looking at the AA warranty site there's no published T&C's on there to give details.

Anyone know what the differences are?
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I too was offered a AA Warranty for £299 and even though they said no hard sell, he tried!
All the usual worry stuff and even though my C-Max has done 112,000, she has a FULL ford service and will continue to do so.

I did try to find the full T&C but no joy as well and I did have the book at home when I asked for a copy but felt it only covered fresh air!
The repair cover looks ok but again seems restricted.

At the end of the day, it is wether you want peace of mind. If anything went wrong within the first 3 months of owning the car I would be straight back to the dealer, otherwise just have the breakdown cover and keep the car well serviced and oil change every 6 months.
I would think that a quick word with Trading Standards as to what those firms offering Warranties had to provide in respect of the Terms and Conditions might be in order.

Once you've done that try going back to the firm and telling them this is is what they should be providing and if they are difficult about it then tell them that you will be advising Trading Standards of their non-compliance with the law.

Warranties are difficult enough with what they exclude in the first place without anyone not being clear about what the actual terms are.
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