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6 speed gearbox problem.

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Has anyone had the linkages on their gearbox come adrift at anytime?. The other day while putting the car into reverse, I lost all gears. After the initial shock of finding myself with a floppy gearknob(no smutty remarks please), I prised off the gaiter and plastic wood effect cover on the gear console and found the rear ball and socket joint had parted. This was a little worrying as I was 40 miles from home, and worse still had my wife and daughter in the car. The joint clipped back together ok, but it took a while to regain the confidence in the gear change.
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I own a 54 six speed TDCI and so far, touch wood, not had any problems.
I did check google as well and nothing seems to appear.
Lets hope your fix is better than the Ford one
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So far, so good. No emoticons with fingers crossed, so I guess you'll have to take my word that they are still crossed.
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I think I remember on one of my many trawls through the TIS disc that this fix is almost how Ford would do it except perhaps they "lock" the gear stick in a particular position.

I'll check ASAP and advise
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