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5 Stars

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Excuse the self indulgence but how many posts are required for 5 stars?
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i dont know but does anyone on here have 5 stars and what happens after you get the 5 stars. you may get a prize from ford for answeringall of there questions for free you should ask ford for soom pay.
I hoped I was getting close
The way it's going, I assume 300 is the magic number!
Well this should be 302 and it doesn't seem to have changed
I think someone has 5 stars,but their count is 1500+.
Just have to keep helping everyone out & keep counting.
I`ll be off line from 18th as I`m off to the Greek islands for a couple of weeks r&r to recover from major surgery (twice ).I`ll have a few cold ones for you all though
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I was right,Dan has 1589 posts to be webmaster.Apart from him,there are only3 of us with 3 posts & only Richard G with 4.
Hmmm, perhaps 500 is the magic mile post?

Hope ypu have a great time out there and enjoy the cold ones MM as I will be nights when you escape and relax!
Nice try Guy`s,
I don`t think
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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