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3 weeks of ownershipof a 09/07 1.8 tdci (5k on the clock)

Never owned a cmax before- sadly let go of a 10 yr old galaxy(great condition and low mileage)Good for uni trips / flat moving for the 'kids'and sports trisp in the past but NOT on MPG!We changed our second car earlierthis yearand purchased low miegage 1.4tdci fiesta always been happy with fords on a private orcompany basis in the past

So what do I think of the C Max - in two words - very happy

Averaging 42 mpg and that includestwo long motorway trips at a pretty high speed as well as local driving and business trips on often hilly / forest roads!
The car does all that I want - responsive handling /good acceleration/and a very good 'ride' almost sporty! and Nice and roomy in the back -even the 'adult' children are impressed!
The interior is kitted out welland some nice small touches- driving is a pleasure overall and the car 'eats' up miles onthe motorway wthout any driver fatigueGladI opted for the 1.8 rather than 1.6 a bit quickeralbeitdrop a few mpg
Even at this early stage may well consider the new c max in a couple of years!
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