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Although the way the Ford Mustang GT 500 looks is undoubtedly important, photos will always fall short, since the real attraction is the engine. So have some video footage of the GT 500 driving on the streets with clean audio.

Unfortunately, the Mustang only drives away slowly, keeping revs low, but the burble is undeniable. And that gives us pause for thought. The uneven burble gives us the distinct impression that this engine has a cross-plane crank, like the Mustang GT, rather than the flat-plane crank of the GT 350.

Interestingly, the low revs and the speed with which the driver changes gears, leads us also to believe that the manual shifter seen in one of the spy shots that accompanies this post is a cunning ruse, used to throw us off the scent of a double-clutch gearbox.
Read more about the 2020 Mustang GT500 Caught on Video with a Double Clutch? at AutoGuide.com.
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