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I had been getting the p0aa6 code intermittently for the past few years with several unsuccessful trips to the dealership and other mechanics.

Finally I decided to take a look under the hood for any obvious wiring issues and I found and tried fixing the two below. So far the code has not come back (Thank God) and the car feels like it has improved in all aspects.

When I looked under the hood the negative wire to the left was severely frayed and touching an orange cable above it, I remedied this with some auto tape and zip ties.

In the second picture the orange wire harness closer to the front of the picture was resting on the chassis, as far as I know this code could be triggered by a loss of isolation between high voltage and chassis and the harness was literally resting on the chassis!

I'll update this thread should anything change but so far so good!

Please let me know your thoughts.

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