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2017 Cmax Energi SE Stop Safely Now

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Starting at the end of 2022 my car started to display the Stop Safely Now when I would first turn it on and would go away after turning the car off and turning it back on. It got progressively worse to the point it would shut off while driving and got the Ford Dealer to look at it. It's been in the shop 3 times since then and the problem has managed to get worse. They've so far replaced the High Voltage Service Disconnect, the DC/DC Converter, and the TCM. After replacing the TCM they test drove it for a couple days and were presented with the same issues. The codes the got the last time they plugged it in were P0A1F, P0A0A, and P1A10. They also performed Pinpoint Test Test D in the WSM with the following results: D1=Yes, D2=NO, D3=Yes, D4=Yes, D5=Yes, D6=No, D7=Yes. They said the only part to replace per the pinpoint test is the High Voltage A/C Compressor but were unsure if this would fix the problem. They also asked if the issue was only happening when the A/C or Heat is on but I was not positive if that was the case as I use the climate control sparingly.

Today after 1 day out of the shop the issue presented itself 6 times on the ride home which is less than 8 Miles. The first time it was in EV mode and the remaining 5 times I had it in EV Later mode. The Heating/Cooling system was off for the whole ride. When I would try to turn the car back in it would take at least 3 key cycles before it would finally start with no issue. I plugged in my ODB2 reader when I finally got it home and got the following codes: P0A0A, P0E57, U1029, U3012, and P0B37. I'm not sure what to do at this point as I would rather not replace the a/c compressor if it may not be a guaranteed fix and was quoted for $2,600.

Looking for any input and wondering if anyone has had similar issues. I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. Thanks!
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