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Hi guys,

Im a bit lost on what to do here. About a month ago I was travelling with the car and the car started making a louder revving noise when I accelerated. There hasnt been any Check Engine light that has gone off, and the mechanic said that my best bet was to go to the dealership. So I have not gone yet but I wanted to try getting your opinions on this situation. The vibration and noise start when the acceleration passes 25 mph. As a side note I will add that i did an oil change 2 days ago, because my engine oil was over filled so I changed the oil so the car would have the appropriate amount of oil. I will attach an audio recording of my car doing the noise when accelerating. It sounds like the car is mooing. Like a low volume grumble.

Please help me.

I have attached a provided a link to my google drive to a file with the noise when accelerating. I hope it is useful.
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