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2012 c-max water ingress/condensation/key fob not working

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Hi there!

I've got a 2012 titanium c-max and I've got a bundle of issues with my c-max which I think are all related.

1. One day the keyfob stopped working I couldn't open the car. I replaced the battery in the fob, checked the car battery, still nothing. Called out a locksmith who told me that he could see codes were being sent from the fob. When he was inside the car we both noticed there was a drip coming from the centre light cluster which is where the locksmith says the antenna for the fob is.

2. I've always had a problem with water gathering in the drives side door - hasn't been making it into the car as far as I can tell

3. maybe unrelated - but my driveway slopes - the car is always parked nose up

4. Just recently I've noticed that compared to other vehicles on my street my car always has a huge amount of condensation on the front window

At first I thought the problem was that there was a hole in the roof (there's no sunroof though) but I'm starting to come around to the idea that it's related to condensation.I did some googling and I've seen a lot of people are talking about water ingress due to either the pollen filter or a gap in the bodywork that causes water to gather on the driver's side. There was talk of a TSB from Ford about this but I've not been able to track down a link to the actual document. And that this, in turn, can cause condensation? So I'm assuming the drip I'm seeing from the light cluster is caused by condensation and not a hole in the roof.

I've got my car booked in to a Ford dealer tomorrow to have a look at it so hopefully, it'll all get sorted but I want to give them as much information upfront as possible as I know they're not wanting to spend hours stripping the interior looking for a water leak.

Thanks in advance!
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While getting the car, make a duplicate key if the car so that you can use it in an emergency. You can get it both from locksmith as well as the dealer.
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