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Hi, newbie here, hoping someone can help!
I've recently purchased a 2012 Ford grand c-max from a private seller.
The seat belt service minder popped up on Saturday and I also noticed today that the seat belt ticks when you plug the belt in don't disappear from the two rear boot seats (when they used too!) So I thought today I would clean the inside of the car and make sure the kids haven't put a sticky sweet in the belt plugs!( they were clear!) Anyway I ended up pulling everything out the boot and noticed a large puddle (in pictures! Excuse the floating pencil!!) Has anyone else had this issue and has it been resolved or is it a general issue with the c-max?
I managed to get a jug and scoop the surface water out but there's still so much water under the carpeted area!! Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks Chloe 😊
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