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hi all

my 07 c max 1.8petrol is due its 2nd year service end of july and by then will probably have 16500-17000 on the clock. i am having it serviced where i work (truck rental company), i know i have to use genuine ford parts but can anyone tell me what needs to be done this time round or give a link to a site which will tell me.

i bought the car in march 2nd hand for£7800(ex motability) and have been impressed with it apart from the mpg (about 27-28 round town).storage is great esp with 2 youngsters and buggies etc no need to buy a roof box.really like how you can set the steering on the computer, prefer sport set up seems less under steer .problems with condensation on the rear lights seems to go when the weather is warm
. only thing i miss is thepower from a diesel but could not stretch another grand for the privilige apart from that happy days
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