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hi all,

ive recently picked up a 2.0 tdci c max with 72000 on the clock.

it seems to go ok but feels quite sluggish if you know what i mean??

im getting about 44mpg out of it on the motorway at around 70mph does this sound ok??

our modeo at work is the tddi engine and it seems well more responsive then mine even though its the leeser power engine.

i have changed the air filter in mine as ive never seen anything that black/dirty before but havent drove it since.

also going to do an oil change as im not sure when it was done last??

is the tdci meant to be sluggish or should i be looking for problems??



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If your changing the oil,change the filter too.Also change the fuel filter.If you get 44 @ 70mph it`s not right.I`ve a 2.0 TDCI too & I get 44 round town at the worst.When I got mine,it was of similar mileage so I did the oil/filter,airfilter & fuel filter & it does help,lots.I also put in a measure of Millers each time I fill up & that helps too.
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