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2.0 tdci drive belt

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I am trying to replace the alternator on a 2.0 tdci engine, the unit is easy to remove, does anybody know how to release the tension (and re-tension) the drive belt? Haynes manual not available for this model..
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I did manage to replace the timing belt, and long before now, 800 miles later no probs.

It is possible by removing the bracket from the front of the engine block which carries the alternator and tensioner pulley, then taking the tension of the tensioner and locking in position.

It needs a bit of care and a lot of patience but not the special tools that Ford state.

If anybody needs full details of how to replace please ask.

Total cost was £148 from local autospares, a lot better than the £360 - £380 quoted by Ford.
The special tools according to the TIS disc are only for the 1.6 & not the 2.0L

If you'd care to PM me and include an external email I'll send you the pages as a PDF
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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