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Hi guys,

Me mate want to buy second hand C-MAX, year 2006 with
100,000 km (62,000 miles) on clock with 1,8tdci engine.

Can somebody advice me if are here some „special“ problems
for that engine? Because some of his
friend tells him, that this engine is quiet old and can happened that the nozzle;
injector can be ripped of really soon? It is something true on that?

Thx Brano

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As far as I am aware the 1753cc unit was introduced around 1988, but the version in the C-Max is common rail injected rather than the mechanical injection on the Escort and early Mondeo application. It is more torquey than the 1.6TDCi but not as quiet. My view is if the basic engine has been around for that long it can't be too unreliable. Your friend should go for it!!

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The 1.8TDCi is a proven engine, and has very few common faults.

I read once that dealers get very few 1.8's in for repair compared with the 2.0's and 1.6's.

However it's nowhere near as refined as the 1.6 or 2.0, takes ages to warm up, and doesn't deliver as good economy - I find it pretty bad around town, but good on the motorway.

That said, it's got a lot of power and torque and is pretty nice to drive, once you get used to the diesel clatter when its cold.

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Most turbo-diesels will produce smoke during hard acceleration. I believe it's because flooring the accelerator will immediately introduce a lot of fuel into the system, but it takes a short while for the turbo to get up enough speed to combust the fuel efficiently, resulting in unburnt fuel being ejected from the exhaust.
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