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1.8 Zetec transmission noise

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How you doin?

Right got a Cmax, 1.8 Zetec, petrol, 53 plate. Just started getting a really loud drone from the front end? It's present from 15 mph but disappears above 75mph. Further to that, it's really noticeable when on right hand lock (roundabouts) but virtually disappears going round left hand bends. I asked the dealer to look at it when it had its service and they say its "probably" the cat!! I find this very hard to believe because it appears to be linked to road speed, not engine rpm (if you coast, i.e., put in the clutch, tick over revs, the noise doesn't change).
I think I'm going to have to try a different dealer, but before I do, nayone else got any ideas?

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Is there anything obviously different between the two front tyres as regards wear or tread pattern?

Does one wheel get hotter than the other after a lengthy run to indicate that something is dragging?

The other thought is that it is in the area ahead of the O/S Front wheel and when the wheel is thus turned to the right it isn't in the way to mute the sound. Could part of the undertray be partially lose and acting like the reed in a wind instrument and virating
There's no real diference in the tread pattern or wear, but I thought it was worth swapping the front tyres to the back just in case. Did the drivers side (swapped the front for the spare, swapped the back for the front, swapped the spare for the back)started jacking up the passenger side and the bl***dy jack failed just as the car front endlifted off the ground (the thread pulled through). Anyway, after recovering from the shock with only one side changed I took the car out for a spin again and it's made no difference at all. SupposeI will have to get another jack and do the passenger side still before i put it back in to a Ford dealer. Just as well it failed when it did because it would have not been much fun if it had let go when the wheel was off eh?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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