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I`ve a Tunit System fitted to my 2.0 TDCI.The same company does one for the 1.6 TDCI too.I have found I get better mpg both around town & on a run.Also the engine is much more responsive,ie more torque.Basically it has 9 settings,you use a small screw driver to set it from 1 - 9.9 being full power.I have mine set on 5 and that`s ideal for around town.If I take it on a run I put it up to 7.Power improvements are noticable at any setting.On 9 it pushes the bhp on mine from 136 to 170 & torque from 236 up to 270.I know there are several makes out there,but I`m really pleased with the Tunit.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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