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1.6 tdci power

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Can anyone help with power from 1.6 tdci engine, i have heard reports that it is underpowered, i would normally drive with 2 or 3 passangers and a unladen boot, has anyone experienced any problems? many thanks.
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Our 54 plate 1.6TDCi has as many horses as our previous 1.8 petrol focus (about 110) but do check which version of the engine you actually have in. There is I believe a 90 BHP version which might be (There is an earlier post about the 1.6 engine identifier letters on the VIN plate on the drivers B Post

You can change up earlier than with a petrol and use the torque of the diesel to move you along. I was quite surprised just how much acceleration from a standstill you can get but I don't think you'd outdrag anything much
I recently bought one of these, 110bhp, it's sole purpose is a family car, 2 adults and 2 kids, shopping etc and it perfectly fine, easily does up 80 with no problems, like said it's no drag racer but it drives very well fully laden with four people and a weeks shopping up a very steep hill!!
We just took our 1.6 TDCi to Devon with a roof-box 3 adults; 2 children and all their luggage and it did absolutely fine. The engine is great on hills and when on motorways will do 50MPG. Like the other chaps say not nippy but very solid and quiet.
Many thanks to all who taken the time to reply, i had a test drive this week (solo) and although it is not as fast as my 2 litre tdi mondeo i have to agree it is adaquate for what i will use it for, with the 1.6 having the lower car taxin 2009/2010 i think it make economic sense,many thanks again, roy.
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