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1.6 TDCi airbox

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Just had my 2004 1.6 TDCi serviced. They informed me the airbox clip was broken and needs replacement - however the pipe cannot be replaced - the whole unit needs to be replaced at £72.
The clip I'm talking about is connected to the Cam cover on the right hand side. Dealer said the only problem could be an oil leak.
I disconnected the pipe to have a look and noticied there is an o ring groove but no o ring fittted. Can anyone tell me the function of this pipe? Can i easily replace it myself or is it a dealer job?
Is the Ford Tis CD any good for these sorts of questions?
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If it is as per mine then the other end of the pipe is connected to the hose between the air box and the turbo inlet. it alows any oil fumes in the cam cover to be sucked back and burnt rather than be emitted
thanks for the reply - do you know if the end connected to the cam cover should have an o seal on it?
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