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1.6 tdci 90 to 110

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Hi all, I'm looking to pick up a C-Max soon, to replace the Multipla we have at present. the thing is here in France the 2.0 tdci aren't that common & hold their value, the 1.6 tdci 110 are more common but quite sought after, this is not the case with the 90hp version.
What I'd like to know is, what the differences are between the 2 models, is it just programming of the ECU or are there mechanical differences.
If it's just software it's probably worth my while buying the 90 & having it chipped up to 110 or so.
Any info gratefully received. Thanks.
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The most important different is that 1.6 110 cv has also fap filter. This is only for
enviromentalrule euro 4. You can just buy 90cv version ad upgrade software of engine's electronic unit. There are two advantages due to this solution : you have a 110cv engine without fap (less maintence) and you pay a cheaper circulation tax. The unique problem to solve is revision (because emission are higher after modification): i don't now how is in France, but in Italy is not a problem to pass revision.
Is what you refer to as fap filter what here in the UK is known as Diesel Paticulate filter?
yes, he probably does refer to the DPF

as far as I know, there are 2 types of 1.6 109 HP diesel engines. one is Euro 3 and the other one is euro 4. and I think that the euro 4 has DPF.
I thought the difference between the 90 and 110 bhp diesels - the early versions anyway, was that the 110 has a variable geometry vane on the turbocharger and the 90 versiondoesn't. So, more power for the 110, but more to go wrong.
I'll post this again as it probably is relevent

Now look at the Vehicle cert label/VIN plate (right hand B-pillar) then read down the 8 fields on the left portion of the plate, at very bottom (8 down from top) - this box shows the Exhaust emission level code:

K > Stage V
S > 2000 EEC (Stage III)
V > Stage IV + Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
7 > Stage IV

If you read "7" your car is stage 4 without DPF and it must be 90 bhp.

if you read "V" your car is stage IV with a DPF then it must be 109 bhp.

if you read "S" its stage III, without a DPF and it must be 109 bhp
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Well finally did it, bought a 04/06 1.6tdci ghia with 49200km on it at the local auction, got a good price as it's a 90hp one., now need to know what's the difference between all the power tuning boxes.
Doesn't seem to be much dif in the power claims for most of them; up to 110 ish for about £100, or if I want more & adjustable it's up around the 3-400 quid mark!
got any ideas?
Cheers & happy new year.
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