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05 C-MAX 1600 ZETEX

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Having check the sevice schedule I find no reference to the spark-plugs, as to when they should be changed. Can anyone help please?
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I think we had a discussion some while ago about this same subject but I can't remember just what the final concensus of opinion was
ford told me that on a 1.6 andmy 1.8 petrol the plugs did not need changing until 40000 miles , mine has only done 34000. I have changed them anywayand now car runs alot better.
I was also told by Lancashire Ford that the plugs are only changed on the 3 year service or 36,000 - 38,000 miles

My service interval is 12months/12500mls on this basis it works out at 37,500 mls/3years which seems about right. Looking at my old Escort manual which quotes 20,000 mls for the HCS and CVH engines however they quote 30,000 mls for the Zetec engine.

I find interesting that we have 2 Zetec 1600 engines for the C-MAX with no explanation
1 (Sigma) 16 v DURATEC TI-VCT 115 BHP with a 160 CO emission
2 (Sigma) 16v DURATEC 100 BHP with 166 CO emission
What I find really interesting is no 1 being in the lower Road Tax Bracket (£145)!
Can't wait to hear any theories????
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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