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TubaTed 09-28-2010 10:11 PM

Had my C-Max a few weeks and find it a bit thirstier than my previous Focus 1.6 Ghia which gave me over 50 mpg. The C-Max indicates an average of 41 mpg. I find the overall lower gearing makes it more difficult to produce smooth gear changes and first gear seems quite low when the car is lightly loaded. Plenty of power for the hills in Yorkshire, visitedlast week.

Bought second hand with one year warranty remaining. Experiencing an odd problem with the windscreenswasher bottle contents. On receiving the car, found washer-bottle needed three pints to refill. Thought it may have been overlooked on service - refilled. A few days later, found contents low by three pints again and was sure I hadn't used any! I determined there was no loss when parked.
Topped up, drove a few miles and found contents low, again. Garage having car back to fix. It would seem air passing over car is drawing out the water somewhere; perhaps there is an air vent on the washer-bottle.
Tuba Ted

romseyraver 09-28-2010 11:16 PM

Welcome to the club.
Hope your dealers gets your washer sorted. 41 MPG in a 1.8 petrol sounds pretty good to me, especially if you drove it up the moors and down the dales. Lovely ain't they[img]smileys/smiley20.gif[/img].

MetalMicky08 09-29-2010 02:27 AM

Hi & welcome to the club
41 is quite good for the 1.8,I had the same engine in my wife`s old (1996) escort estate & we were lucky to get 30+

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