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HiThe government do not do the mpg testing, it is done by the car manufactures themselves, under ideal conditions. Some manufactures actually show realistic mpg figures but most do not!I saw an article in the AutoExpress, dated 7th October 2009,it stated that one car manufacturer (name not given)went to the trouble of getting their ECU electronics department to design the ECU to recognise the throttle and idle imputs that would show that the car was on an official MPG test and that it would cause the ECU to go into a special mode which would cut the car's performance and improve the fuel consumption. It was able to do this because of the fact that it was fitted with 2 injectors to each cylinder, one for low speed throttle operation with the other one for high speed throttle operations, and all that was neccessary to achieve the better mpg results was to shut off the high speed injectors. They were stopped doing this because the lower performancewas eventually noticed. I suppose this could also give poor performance if you just happen to drive in the same manner while out and about yourself! Also the testing of Hybred cars was also flawed, as the tests are always done with 100% full batteries and the test itself only lasts for a few minutes and covers just 6.8 miles, which AutoExpress says is not enough time to put the battery under any stress (it found most batteries normally operated at between 20 and 70%).I previously had a 1999 Ford Galaxy 2.3 Petrol Ghia Automatic, which I brought in 2007, and the start mileage was 95462 and the part exchange mileage was 107726 with the average mpg over this time being 24.03, the best fill mpg was 30.65 (mainly motorway driving at max 65mph), the worst fill was 16.71 (caused by a lot of very short journeys).As the Galaxy is a lot heavier and taller than my C-Max I expected my C-Max to return better MPG than I am getting irrespective of what the official figures say (35mpg). I have so far averaged 29.07mpg over a distance of 520 miles consisting mainly A roads and Motorway mileage cruising at about 65 mph on the Motorways. This is only about 5 mpg better than my Galaxy driving at the same speeds. I was hoping to get around 35 mpg, because of the lower weight and better airflow, which would allow me to travel at 70 mph on Motorways with better mpg!

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The heated screen can't be repaired and has to be replaced. I believe they are around 700 apiece.Your insurance will cover it though assuming you have fully comp. Be very careful that they don't fit a non-Ford screen as these are much cheaper and not anyything like as good...

INSIST on a Ford Screen....[img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

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As others have said as the car is so new at the moment give it some time to settlr. I have a Ex demo 60 plate (new version) 1.6 titianum tdci it had 2000 miles when I had it and I am now starting to get benefits 50 + mpg otherwise the car is great. Sorry to hear of your problems with evans halshaw they are crap any way and will try to wriggle out of anything, ruined the running of my old cmax took another dealer to put it right. This was after a main service bristol street motors are a lot better and the only niggle was with a tyre which developed a bulge due to a manufacturing fault and tyre was replaced no hassle and no charge plus they collected and delivered my car back to my work now thats service.
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I have just completed a week and a half of test runs.
After a fill up I did around 90 miles locally on short trips here and there, then I topped up to the brim and registered around 40 mpg, I then did a a 240 mile run and filled up to brim again and got 50 mpg, the trip meter is registering an average of 44.8 mpg. For the long run of 240 miles I used the AC sparingly, never exceeded a speed limit and used the cruise control in 6th to maintain 70mph as much as possible. This still comes nowhere near Ford's advertised figures of 61.4 MPG combined or extra urban 68.9 and urban 52.3.
When I got the car back after the new screen was fitted they installed one of these mpg driving check attachments which I will return to Evans and Halshaw tomorrow, they will then return to Ford who will check it out and get back to me with the results. I'll let you know what happens.

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Originally Posted by c-maximus
Its worth bearing in mind that new cars need time to run before a better MPG can be expected i'd say from about 7000 onwards.. I have an 04 plate which will do 50+ mpg and its the 2.0 tdci version. If a main dealer is not providing you with good service it may be worth seeking some legal advice (Trading Standards).... Hope you get things sorted.. My Father in law has a 1.6 tdci on a 07 and he's getting 45mpg round town
Not sure I agree with that statement - modern car engines are precision machined and assembled and there is no protracted "running in" period (mechanically) really, so all clearances are correct from new - and therefore there is no mechanical "stiction" being overcome by running in with specail oil, as used to be the case (20 years ago say) . And the "wait a bit and it'll improve" is a good old dealer standby!

Remember that the official consumption figures are NOT based around motorway driving / speeds nor are they based on "real world" driving, or even from a vehicle with a driver in it!. They are measured on a rolling road with minimum load - no spare wheel for instance, just the inflation kit, and "extra urban" is based on moderate A road speed, but with virtually no rolling resistance, and crucially no wind resistance. And the latter makes a huge difference to achieved economy, even between say 60 and 70 mph.

In my experience if you achive 80% of the stated combined consumption you're doing well. The only time I've come close to stated figures is driving a 1.3 Yaris at 55-60 on dual carriageways.

The figures are a consumer con / advertising trick, tbh, and you'd be better off looking at the "real world" consumption figures on Honest John's.
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Tyres need to be run for 300 miles brakes and clutch between 100 and 1000 miles depending on roads used and engine 1000 miles.
That is Fords own info, page 171 of the manual new cmax/g cmax

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Well, so much for the Ford Econo check. It really hasnt told me anything I didnt know already!

My driving is good, gear shifting is "like a professional", Anticipation is "pretty good" (0 hard braking and 1 instance of hard acceleration) and for speed I did a "great job" and my rating for High Speed was 90% - "this is excellent, keep it up"

What it fails to tell me is what MPG I returned which would have been helpful! Still no further forward for my money.

March 2011 New Ford C-Max Titanium Midnight Sky 1.6 (115 BHP) Duratorq TDCi Stage V + DPF manual six speed
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In response to the original question –
Evans Halshaw is just Pendragon under a disguise.
5 years ago I bought a Signum from them, the car was so bad that I had the AA carry out a full inspection on the car. The cost was about 180 but it is billed as a legal document.
The findings stated that the car was unfit for road use. It was an ex-demo with 2k miles.
Citizen's advice assisted me in trying to return the car but they have no teeth.
I went to my lawyer and he advised against legal action as the court costs would come to about 8k and all Pendragon would do is contest until I got boared or gave up. His advice was to p/x it and take the hit but don't buy another car from them.
Vauxhall Network Q didn't want to know
The only upside is that I paid 1k deposit through my Mastercard, when I sent them the information they retrieved my deposit.
I spent 8 months arguing the point and all it did was raise my blood pressure, there are other ways to skin a cat. The legal route is a waste of time and money.
<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" />
Moving back to the Ford, I like Fords, they are cheap to buy & service, reliable and when things do go wrong they are cheap to fix. I have had lots of top end cars, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo but I can honestly say that within a month of changing my Fords, they have been the cars I've been sorry to see go (the 911 was nice tho).
I do about 150 miles up to Aberdeen on Monday, about another 150 miles during the week and another 150 on Friday going home. I need something reliable, comfortable & fuel efficient.
I went out looking for a 3 door Focus and came back with a 2011 ex demo Cmax Titanium 1.6TDCI.
It's quiet and comfortable but not great on fuel.
The 1<SUP>st</SUP> week I averaged (using the trip) 39 mpg.
The 2<SUP>nd</SUP> week 41mpg
Currently this week I'm on 44mpg.
I am driving like Miss Daisy, in fact she'd probably drag me out the car and take the wheel herself. I think the car encourages you to be light footed.
On the motorway I sit at 80 but even so it is still disappointing.
Never use cruse control it's less efficient, the throttle is constantly on and off to maintain the speed.
Never use the air-con, apparently it can cost you 4mpg.
We also have a Grand Espace as we have loads of kids, I was disappointed with it's fuel economy as on a run at 80n it'd only return 34/5mpg. Last time I brought the family up to Aberdeen in this bus I decided to play the trip computer game to see what I could get. The arithmetic was simple, averaging 60mph the bus returned 54mpg. That was 2 adults, 4 kids with cloths for 2 weeks, pretty sure my wife packed the sink as well.
I'll not do this journey at 60mph on my own but the facts are simple, drive at 60mph, in 6<SUP>th</SUP> gear and the car should & probably would return mid 50's.
You'll probably die of boredom during the journey.
My wife had the MK1 Cmax 2.0TDCI great engine (better than the VW equivalent) at 80mph it managed 51mpg. Lighter car? Less stress on the engine?
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Thanks for the feedback ccy1.6tdciCmax I know Aberdeen very well having workied in the Oil & Gas industry for over 40 years prior to retirement in December last year. I live in Herts but have travelled Glasgow to Aberdeen and back many many times ! [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

Just an update

On a recent 400 miles on the tripmeter I averaged 41.7 mpg measured against tank full to tank full. The trip included an 80 mile round trip tot Stansted but most milage was in and around town and short trips. I only used AC when it was fairly hot. This still falls miserably short against Fords published figures for urban mileage.

March 2011 New Ford C-Max Titanium Midnight Sky 1.6 (115 BHP) Duratorq TDCi Stage V + DPF manual six speed
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I thought your user name had local connotations
Have you tried the auto-park / park assist (whatever it's called)?
I was a bit nervous trying this for the first time, but it never fails and leaves the car 3/4 inches from the kerb every time.
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