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Hi Everyone

It has been a while since my last post and having recently become an ex-C-Max owner I thought I would stop by one last time. Hopefully a potential C-Max owner might find this useful.

Having given it some thought I can probably best sum up myC-Max experiences as "comfortable but hideously expensive".

In summary...

Plus points: comfort, space, fuel economy, C-Max Owners Forum.
Minus points: expensive repairs.
Things I should have done: researched the C-Max more, joined the Owners Forum before I thought about buying it, bought a car I could afford to either have repaired or send to the scrapyard.

More details...

Bought my 54-plate C-Max (my first Ford) just over 12 months ago with a little under 40000 miles on the clock. Cost me 5000 from an independent dealer who tried to shaft me both on the purchase price and the trade-in value of my then current car. With hindsight I'd have pushed a little more for getting my deposit back and walked away from the deal instead of letting them abandon their attempted rip-off. Anyway...

Had a major service carried out soon after I bought the car. Also noticed lots of vibration at motorway speeds - tracking was off and so had this sorted. Everything seemed fine after this. Needed a new alternator about six months later. About a month after this the water pump seized and took the timing belt with it while I was on the motorway. Cost of repairs to engine a little under 1500. Car was fine after this but I didn't plan on borrowing/spending 2000 to repair the car in the first 12 months of ownership.

Have recently started a new job close to home and so I've traded the expense of car ownership for a monthly bus ticket. Sold the C-Max to a local dealer for 3000 with just over 50000 miles on the clock. Not far off the trade-in guide price according to Parker's, it was due a service soon and I also couldn't be bothered with the Autotrader tyre kickers. Either way 3000 isn't much return on the 7000 (purchase + repairs) spent over the past 12 months.

Frustrating to let the car go as I'm sure it will give its next owner years of hassle-free motoring thanks to my financial input.

Would I buy another C-Max: no. Would I buy another Ford: probably not.

One thing I won't be doing in a hurry is investing much money in a car. The problem with a 5000 car is that if it needs 1500 of work doing you're committed to the financial pain. If a 1000 car needs 1500 of repairs then it's an easy decision to scrap itand move on .

One thing I will be doing is joining the relevant owners forum before I buy another car. It's nice to know the "known issues" and "regular niggles" before you decide to hand over the money .

Best wishes to you all and I hope your C-Max adventures are trouble free.

2004 (54) 1.6 (110) TDCI LX
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I would just like to say that I have worked in the motor trade and have had many fords and have never experienced and I can honestly say I think you get great value for money with most fords.

I know people with top of range mercs that spend more time and moneyin the garage than my cars ever have. My st170 was a highly strung hot hatch and I did 55k in 4.5 years and had a clutch replacement 50% paid for by the garage as it was in warranty. I have also had fords as company cars that never let me down like peugeots and vw passats I have had.

I think you have had a bit of bad luck but it is best to research know issues on the internet. My cmax has suffered clutch failure within 11 days but everytime I drove it I though what a nice drive it is so I am put off. Used cars are always a gamble. I drive a brand new 2011 astra 1.6 for work and the cmax is much better to drive.

I have had a 2001 mondeo 2.0 zetec with 120k that drove like it had doen 50k and its still going now with its current owner at 140k.

Good luck withever you buy next I tend to avoid modern diesels as they can be expensive when they go worng.Edited by: jbsportstech

(1.8 ZETEC)

To the average driver \'safe\' is not having accidents. To an advanced driver \'safe\' is not being vunerable to an accident. -------
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Originally Posted by jbsportstech
I think you have had a bit of bad luck
Agreed. I think forums tend to provide a slightly one-sided view, leaning towards the bad side of things. I may well not have thought to join the forum if the car had been great. Not for any reason other than I wouldn't have needed help or a place to air my C-Max frustrations .

It was good to read an enthusiastic review of the C-Max and let's face it there are far more C-Max owners than negative posts in this forum.

If we still needed two cars and I had a load of money stashed away I would have kept the C-Max. But it would have been an indulgent way to make the 5 mile round trip to work following a recent job move.

Originally Posted by jbsportstech
Good luck withever you buy next I tend to avoid modern diesels as they can be expensive when they go worng.
Thanks and yes I'll think twice before buying another diesel. We'll be a one car family for the forseeable future but as and when I need another commuter car I won't buy anything that I can't afford to write off as a scrapper if something major happens.


2004 (54) 1.6 (110) TDCI LX
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Bless you, that was a string of bad luck there! I know the feeling, I have had a lemon Audi and a Lemon Fiat! All brands do them! thing is, it's all down to the roll of the dice! My max has cost me nothing but normal servicing, tax, insurance and fuel. I've added a few bits by choice.
I'll agree that Ford dealerships have lost the plot with their pricing. They now charge Audi prices on labour and they just aren't as good or as efficient. I use TCHarrison for work that needs doing and the service desk girls don't have a clue what they are talking about. Any question you ask is always, I'll just go and check, and off they go. Why not put a body there who knows what they are talking about!!!
Anyway, I digress! It's a shame your ownership experience has been poor, bur I think you just got drawn into a bad one, avoid diesels and stay on petrols with cam chains!
All the best with the bus for the time being!!

2005 Focus C-Max 1.8 Petrol Ghia + Sony 6 disc, 2007 tail lights, Led bulbs all over and HID front fogs.
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I too have sold my 2005 1.6L TDCi. I have had italmost5 years. It was my first diesel andprobably mylast. I can remember the time you could take a Ford engine (Essex, Pinto) to bits with two spanners ( AF, ⅝ AF)and a screwdriver.I can remember the time when Ford was very reluctant to put any electronics in any of their cars, even having mechanical points into the 1990's. Not anymore. All manufactures, not just Ford, have now made it almost impossible to do any DIY. Although I hadno trouble over5 years, I think I had disaster looming. I had what I call a "lazy tappet", which took 300- 400 yards to become quiet, and I'm sure a slightly whining turbo. You could feel no play in the turbo bearing and the rotor did not spin too freely. I know someone who had 2 turbo's (1.6L TDCi) replaced in quick succession and was told it likely needed a new engine!

I think all early 1.6L TDCi's are heading for turbo oil feed problems. It's time someone developed an alternative oil supply, maybe from an adapted oil filter base, thus savingthe cost of a new engine!!

I now have a Vauxhall Astra (latest shape) 1.6L non turbo petrol. The electronics (canbus) still look a nightmare but I may have a chance with the mechanics.Edited by: robclarke

2005 1.6L TDCi Zetec
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