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dfh 09-04-2020 10:48 PM

Proximity Alarms No Longer Sound
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Coincident with, and possibly cause by, updating of the several electronic moduleís software versions at a Ford dealership, the proximity alarms of my 2013 C MAX SEL no longer sound when they should. They still do lower the radio volume, if it happens to be on when a nearby object is detected. The changes that were made are shown in the attached file.

Note that the software tool used to perform these updates (Ids-118.01) was not the then current version.

Can anyone confirm that one or more of these upgrades resulted in the proximity sensors no longer producing an audible alarm when detecting a nearby object? Can anyone explain how to recover this functionality?

Another change I observed after the updates is that when backing, a bell sound no longer repeats until the transmission is shifted to Drive.

A third change is that when I step on the brakes, I no longer see a spinning circle overlaid the HV battery icon in the left panel of the dashboard. The up-caret symbol still indicates HV battery charging during braking, and the battery charge does increase.

(The reason for upgrading the software versions was it was the only thing the dealership though might fix the problem that the 12V battery was losing its charge while the vehicle was parked more rapidly than it should have been. I was charged $418 for the upgrades and it didnít fix that problem. According to Ford Co. records, CSP 15B04 had been performed 7/31/15 before I owned the vehicle.)

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