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I drive city an hiway miles. The most I have noticed is a little over 40mpg.You can obtain best MPG on a C Max Hybrid in the Spring and Fall when your heater and AC is not used. Remember that this car has a lot of components that use elecricity, (water pump, AC, lights, power steering, computer ECM (Electronic Control Module) and other electric contols in the car. When most of them are not ON (in use) you obtain the highest MPG. And of course, the main thing, (when SPEEDY GANZALES is not driving the car). You may have noticed that the engine does not have a driving belt, Why ? It does not need one. Most of the accessories are driven by electricity from the battery (main and starting ) Thik again ! If you want a high MPG do not let SPEEDY GONGALES DRRRRRIVE YOUR CAR.

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