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Question about Hybrid Cars?

Now that gas prices are increasing year by year, they are considering getting ourselves a Hybrid car. In particular, the Hybrid is not only going to save us a ton of money on gas OBDSTAR X-200 pro, but also, they are planning it to use it as our new backbone for long distance trips as well, replacing using our 6-cylinder 99' Accord (still going to be kept, except for shorter trips until they begin to phase it out within the next 2-3 years). A few questions my customers have regarding Hybrids....

A) First off, my customers know they are 4 cylinders, which are more fuel efficient, but does it switch to gas on the highway or it runs electric no matter where you go?

B) They have a 4 cylinder car. Once they took it up the mountains, the engine strained a lot and they decided not to take it again, because the 6 cylinder did better. However, will the Hybrid cause any engine strain on the mountains or not?

C) Obvious question, but does the Hybrid run smoothly?


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