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Wink Front O/S inner prking sensor replacement

Thanks to previous threads I have now sorted the problem, heres how.
From previous threads listen for a high pitched intermittent sound from each sensor, front & rear. I found my inner drivers side front sensor did not emit any sound. I bought a spare sensor from my local Ford dealer for 37.00 +VAT (they wanted 2 Hrs labour + parts + diognostics) about 200.00 to replace 1 sensor. Heres how I changed the sensor.
1) Unscrew the 6 plastic reaining screws from the plastic baffle at the front of the engine compartment, unclip the back edge of the baffle and remove. You may need to gently prize the screw heads up to engage the threads.
2) Remove 2 spring clips from the black plastic air baffle next to the head light, remove the baffle.
3) You now have access to the sensor, unclip the plug, depress the 2 clips holding in the sensor, difficult but can be done.
4) You may need assistance here, push the inner face of the old sensor intowards the bumper, mine proved difficult so used a bar to gentley ease the back out as well, I think mine was difficult to remove as it was gunged up.
5) Once removed clean the hole in the retaining bracket, it will be easier to push in the new one.
6) Replace in reverse order. I found it easier to reconnect the plug before inserting the new sensor back into the bumper, now pray you diognosed the fault correctly, turn on ignition, if OK the parking sensor switch etc will reset themselves. It took me about 45 minutes to complete.

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