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Question 06 C Max parking sensor problems

Hi everyone, I have recently purchased an 06 2.0 diesel Ghia C Max, great car but I am experiencing parking sensor problems. I have worked thorough solutions from previous threads with no sucsess.
My sympoms are the sensor on/off switch flashes continuosly and bleeps for 3 secs when selecting reverse gear indicating a fault. I disconnected the rear sensors, fault still present, I cleaned the plugs etc replaced the sensor connectors checked the fault and it was still evident. I checked for a clicking from the rear sensors and all were emiting a click. I then checked the front sensors with 1st gear selected all were clicking ok except the off side inner, (no clicking) with some difficulty I disconnected this sensor fault still evident. Re connected the sensor now no clicking from any sensors, front or rear. I have listened for the clicking prior to disconnecting and doing any work and did not hear any. So is the fault intermittent, have I missed something? I have put a small piece of black tape over the on indicator on the switch so I do not have to look at the flashing. Is there any way to disconnect the switch light as I have not had parking sensors before and will not miss them. Reversing lights work ok as well indicating fuse OK
Any help appreciated.
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