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Solved - no temp, snoflake symbol on, handbrake symbol on etc


Just thought I'd register and post my solution to this problem as this forum post got me on the right track.

Yesterday (pm) my wifes C-Max 2010 1.6 petrol developed a problem with the dashboard symbols etc.
The Temp would not display temp, just -- .
Indicators would work, but no click/symbol on dash.
Snowflake symbol permenantly on RED
Handbrake symbol permenantly on RED
Problems with central locking (intermittant).
She had just driven in a hail storm so I thought it mat be electrical related. Quick google brought me here. I popped out thismorning to have a looksee.

Check passenger side fuse box connections. When you remove the 'foam' panel, even before you expose the fuse box, you will see two connectors (green & brown on ours) Brown was nearest centre of car. These are held in place by a black lever system. Make sure the black lever is locked in the UP position, anchoring the connector up into the base of the fuse box assembly.
Quick push home and heard a distinctive solenoid 'click' and everything came back to life and started working normally.

Thanks to forum for pointing me in correct direction to solve myself instead of expensive trip to dealers.....
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