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Really grateful of any suggestions!

We bought an 07 plate 1.8 tdci 2 months ago and to begin with I loved it...Then one day driving along all the power went and I couldn't get the revs up. After parking up then re starting it was fine and has been fine for weeks. Then three weeks ago on holiday it just 'konked out'. The RAC stated that they thought it was something to do with the fuel pump and towed us to a garage who said similar but couldnt identify the problem. As it was under warranty they started the engine for us and we drove it back to the garrage that we bought it from (250 miles away!) This garage were unable to diagnose the fault either so sent it on to a diesel specialist. They kept it for a week and after changing the solenoid (?!) were confident it was fixed only for it to break down again on Sunday. I am currently sat at home waiting for the RAC to take it back to the diesel garrage and just wondered if anyone has any idea what might be the problem?! Being female and not really into cars Im not too good at describing whats wrong but I would be really grateful of any ideas. Basically if it is left on the drive for more than a couple of hours it refuses to start. Once running its fine. Also could my experience of loss of power be related? The garage we bought it from are claiming that the 3 month warranty does not cover this...its so annoying we just want it fixed!!!
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