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Thanks for the replies guys.

MOT went great. 2 very minor advisories. Best MOT yet. And no engine blown up.

Having said that, They still said my car doesnt sound right. Maybe they
are just saying that so they dont look stupid. They also failed find 2 more obvious advisories that I got at the ford dealer last MOT that I never got
sorted. But they aren't part of the testing so I'll forgive them.

Will see how the car runs for the next few weeks. If I suspect anything
wrong with the flywheel I'll get it back to the clutch guy before the
warranty runs out. If the clutch doesn't do anything for the next few
months/year or so. I'll not be using Kwik Fit again. Could have cost me
alot of money for nowt if I didn't know any better.

CMAX 2004 2.0 TDCI Ghia
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