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Today I took my CMAX for its MOT at a local Kwik Fit. The guy rang me and told me they had got it up on the ramp and could hear something wrong with the engine. And because they have the car running while the MOT is taking place they didnt want the engine to over heat due to an engine problem that could be fixed before the MOT. The Kwik Fit I took it to isnt a "proper" garage and only a test centre, so they arranged for their "diagnostic's guy" to come over and check it out.

Apparently he looked at it an is 100% sure the flywheel is on its way out.

It got a brand new sachs flywheel and clutch 11 months ago and its still under warranty. So I picked up the car and took it to the clutch guy. We both listened to the engine and to be honest, I couldn't hear a thing wrong with it. Only thing I could hear is when I dip the clutch there is a slight whirring noise which is apparently the primary (something) bearing. A common problem in most vehicles and nothing to worry about. Definately no knocking or banging noises though.

I rang back Kwik fit and said we couldn't hear anything wrong and so I've re-booked it in for MOT on Saturday. With the understanding that if the flywheel destroys the engine then I've had fair warning. Apparently on the smoke tests they rev the engine to the Max a few times and that will be when the flywheel could break.

Driving home tonight I revved the engine alot, accelerated quick, etc, etc. And I still can't hear anything wrong. So, I'm happy to take the risk.

But, I'm worried that if they are over caustious or worse, trying to sell me parts I don't need then whats to stop them saying "the exhaust needs replaceing" or "the brakes have gone", when theres nothing wrong with it.

If they do come back and say it needs something "big" doing, I'm tempted to book it in for another MOT at another garage and see what they come up with.

Anyone with any advice or similar stories?

CMAX 2004 2.0 TDCI Ghia
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