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Hi Miv. The only way round those problems would be to do what I did and have small cushion or a folded towel perhaps to put between your knee and the offending piece of trim. Unfortunately, cars tend to be designed with "standard" size human beings in mind, and if you fall outside those criteria (I do as I'm somewhat "larger" than standard!), certain compromises have to be made. I know what you mean though, because the part of the dash containing the gear lever on the picasso is similar to the C-Max, and when I was using my Sat Nav, (Fixed to the quarter window between the door and windscreen where it will also fit nicely on the C-Max) the cable used to become trapped between my knee and the panel and became quite painful after a while. I got over it by covering it with a bit of folded cloth and "gaffer" tape in the short term, and using a power extension to re-route the cable as a longer term "fix". I agree that the door panels in the C-Max are quite a poor design, especially the rears which have no storage pockets whatsoever! The pockets in the front doors are minute compared to my Picasso which were shaped to accept soft drinks bottles of varying sizes, up to 1.5 litres, to "Clip" in and be held firmly. those in the C-Max are so small and shallow, I really find them quite useless in comparison. The smaller one of the two I used to have some tissues in for wiping rain off my glasses, but they blew away when I opened the door the other day when it was windy! Have to say the car is MUCH Nicer to drive though!
Cheers Colin

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