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I have arthritis in both my hips, which is why we have the kind of vehicle we do, We had a Citroen Xsara Picasso before, and I thought it would be difficult to find another vehicle with seats as comfortable for me. I was wrong. Although the seats in the C-Max are firmer and seem narrower, when measured, they are actually not. Their shape provides better under thigh support and, although I have not driven the car over a distance longer than 50 miles so far, I have had no problems. In the picasso I had to place a cushion between my right leg and the door, to prevent the leg falling outwards and puttiing pressure on my hip. In the C-Max I don't. the shape, and range of adjustment in the seat means I can achieve total comfort without the need for cushions. My wife, who has had surgery to remove a disc from her spine, also finds the seats comfortable and says that the rear seats are also better.
Regarding the bonnet release, it's different, I'll give you that. And I agree that hiding it behind the badge is not ideal, especially as they are on the flimsy side. However, in its defence, I'd sooner have a squew whif badge to replace than a busted bonnet release cable which has happened to me twice! ( I used to run older cars in my younger days) Probably the best way would be to include the bonnet in the central locking, with an interlock so it can only be opened (Via a push button somewhere) with the vehicle stationary, handbrake on, and the key in the ignition.It could also be programmed to "double lock" when the vehicle is moving, thereby precluding accidental opening at speed. In these days of the silicon chip, such a system need not be expensive. Only problem would come if you ran the battery flat! Nothing is ever completely foolproof! Any advance on a key in a hole??

Cheers Colin

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