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Originally Posted by miv
The daftest design that I have seen on a car for a long time is the C-Max bonnet lock. I can't open the bonnet without the ignition key. I have to turn the front badge which is at a very convenient height for any little villain to twist and pull; I then insert and turn the key one way and the other, then lift the bonnet and prop it. I have to remember that I have left the key down below and if the badge isn't returned to near horizonal before closing the bonnet, it gets crunched. Wonderful!
The front badge on my car doesn't sit flat and horizontal as it should, presumably because someone has fiddled for fun or dropped the bonnet without remembering, as above. The chrome on the badge has begun peeling away from the plastic backing and has punctured my finger nail.
Whatever was wrong with having a little pull-handle in the foot well with a bowden cable going to a get-at-able bonnet catch which might or might not need a drop of oil every 2 years?
So, anyone approaching my 2008 car from the front sees the proud maker's name on an ill-fitting badge with peeling chrome. Easily sorted; 90 per hour, plus parts.
Our previous car (2008 Focus) also had this bonnet lock and I could never see the point of this ridiculous system - fortunately it has been dropped on the 2010 C-Max models [img]smileys/smiley32.gif[/img]

2010 60reg C-Max Titanium X 1.6TDCi Panther Black, Convenience Pack (Ours) + 2009 Mitsi L200 Warrior 4 cab (Mine)
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